Friday, December 6, 2013

Lets flaaaaiiiiiihhhhh

Assalam peeps..
Haaa jom sambung cerita ceriti kita..
First of all meet my gojes roomies... jeng jeng jeng
Both of them are taken already naaaa.. no try try..
Im very blessed to have then as my roomate throughout this year. They are really helpful and never tired to respond to my ridiculous questions. Lepas tu gelakkan aku kawkaw punya.. kengkadang lahabau jugak.
Apa apa pun semua pemenang tiada pengalah.. ehh macam salah channel pulak..
Most of all, i thank both of you soooooo much for taking a very good first clasc care of myself. Korang sabar ngan aku and harap terus sabar for the next if-you-are-not-getting-the-best-result-you-are-going-to-be-a-gorgeous-repeater semester.
Well till next time bye everyboddaaaayyyhhhh

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  1. hello. i wanna ask something, masa study in kolej mara, boleh freehair tak for muslims girls student? ke semua diwajibkan bertudung?