Monday, June 1, 2015

Be Quiet



Each and veryone of us, must have at least once come across this sentence.

"Kalau tak tahu lebih baik diam"

Aku cukup tak gemar orang yang cakap benda yang dia tak tahu.

Dia kat tempat lain dan apparently tak nampak aku lepas tu nak claim yang aku macam tu macam ni. Penat la nak buat buat tak terasa.

Just stop it.

Tapi bukan dia boleh dengar pun. Mungkin just let it be. Dah tak lama dah.



It's The Day



Finally, the day that ive been waiting for. The last day for my ALevel journey has finally come. It feels like theres no word can depict it. I am so happy yet still sad to leave everything that have been part of my life for this two years.

I will probably be missing my roomates. My annoying-but-i-can-not-live-without classmates. My teachers, pak cik isa which is our pak cik guard. I will miss him calling me 'ipaahhhh' from afar. 'Nak gi makan eh???' Tu je yang dia tanya kalau nampak kita nak keluar. Nampak naw muka suka makan.

Sedih. Sedih. But life must go on. This part is over yet a lot more to come in the future. And for sure it will be much much more challenging and at the same time teaching me to be more mature and wiser .

Last but not least, i hope that whatever will i get after this, i will be able to redha and accept it as Allah's best decison for me. Aminnn.

Till then please stay healthy and happy. Fii Hifzillah (:


ALevel has ended.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Two More To Go



10 down, two more to go. For tomorrow we have Sociology Paper 3 and on Moday, English Paper 4.

Then it will be over. OMG ALevel is going to be over! I cannot wait. I wanna go home. For another three months app mereput kat rumah. Woohooo

Tak nak. Tak mau mereput. Nak jadi anak yang BAIK. Haaa baru betui. CHANGE PLEASE! ZAHIAH OR ARIFAH OR WHATEVER YOUR NAME!

Bye! As usual stay safe stay happy and healthy. Fii Hifzillah :)


ALevel ends: 4 Days